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Sensory Mood Water Table

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A captivating sensory experience for your child - our new style tickit® Sensory Mood Water Table with its unique and engaging design brings a magical feeling to water exploration and sensory discovery.

Using the remote control you can illuminate the water table with a soft glow of changing colours. The deep exploration area can be filled with water, jelly, foam or translucent objects for a fun way to investigate shapes, light and colour through messy play. Why not close the curtains and create a dark room and pretend the Mood Water Table is a colourful cauldron! Fill the well with exciting tactile objects and textures for your child to explore the new enticing environment.

The slim profile makes it easy to move between rooms and the sturdy but lightweight design makes it practical to alternate between indoor and outdoor play. Like all tickit® Sensory Mood Lights, the water table is easy to wipe clean. It provides a great environment for collaborative play, and the height is designed for easy access to the contents for children. The sides and bottom of the internal well have been carefully crafted to make it easier to cover the base with only a small amount of liquid or other materials if required.

There are other shapes available in the Sensory Mood Light range including: Discovery Table, Cube, Pebble, Pyramid, Egg, Ball and a low-level flat Table.

All tickit® Sensory Mood Lights have A+ energy rating and are water resistant rated IP65. An 8-hour charge cycle will provide an average of 5-10 hours of light (depending on program setting).

Set includes: 1 water table mood light, a universal power adaptor (UK/ EU/ US/ AU compatible) with low voltage mains power supply and instructions for use in 8 languages, including troubleshooting guide.
Size: H 50.5cm x 75cm diameter. Depth 15cm. 
Age: Suitable for use with children under adult supervision.
Product Code: 75565

Customer Reviews

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Nice sensory table

Nice table for sensory games, comfortable, and easy to move, not so heavy. Many lights. Children can play with water or sand, it is deep enough inside not to spill things out.