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Wooden Dinosaur Blocks

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Welcome to our enchanting world of Wooden Dinosaur Blocks, where imagination roars to life! Crafted from the finest Beechwood, these blocks bring the prehistoric era right into your child's hands, offering a delightful blend of tactile exploration and imaginative play.

Each block is meticulously detailed with laser precision, allowing your child to dive into a realm of endless possibilities as they explore the textures, use them for small world play, or unleash their creativity through pencil rubbings and playdough patterns.

These blocks aren't just toys; they're gateways to an imaginative Jurassic adventure. Spark your child's curiosity, foster their fine motor skills, and encourage artistic exploration through these intricately designed wooden pieces. Let your child explore the skeletal structure as each block is double sided - one side with a picture of a dinosaur and the other with their skeletal structure.

Experience the wonder of Wooden Dinosaur Blocks – the perfect fusion of craftsmanship, tactile exploration, and limitless creativity. Embrace the magic of playtime where dinosaurs come to life in the hands of your little explorer.

Sets include: 10 Wooden, double sided, Dinosaurs.
Size: approx. 200m
Age: Suitable from 10 months.
Product code: 74061