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Colour Changing Light Panels

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Capture your child's imagination with our tickit® A2 Colour Changing Light Panel. A fascinating way for your child to explore light, colours and shapes through our innovative colour changing functionality.

The panel has an anti-trip magnetic connector and uses LED strips and diffusers to illuminate the panel in any one of 20 different colours. The infrared remote control allows you to activate an individual colour or rotate through a sequence of colours via four different settings - smooth, fade, flash or strobe.

The smooth and fade settings will allow children to calmly explore objects as different coloured light passes through them. Discuss with your child if an object is opaque or transparent. The flash and strobe settings instantly spark attention and can make activities fun and exciting.

The panel is robust, portable and easy to wipe clean with a simple locking mechanism to prevent the panel from being turned off unintentionally and all tickit® Light Panels have an A+ energy rating.

An exciting and engaging sensory experience for children that will allow them to investigate natural and man-made objects, colour mixing, shapes and patterns and so much more! Combine with our light panel accessories to create exciting activities for your child.

73018 & 73020 includes: 1 colour changing light panel, a universal power adaptor (UK/ EU/ US/ AU compatible) with low voltage mains power supply, instructions for use and a tickit® Light Panel Activities Guide.
• A2 = L 66cm x W 48.6cm x D 1.7cm. Illuminated area L 58.8cm x W 41cm.
• Round = 70cm diameter x D 1.7cm. Illuminated area 63cm diameter.
Age: Suitable for use with children under adult supervision.
Product Code: 73018 (A2), 73020 (Round), 73388 (Round Colour Changing Light Panel + Table Set)
Warning: Remote Control contains replaceable button battery.
Keep new and used batteries away from children.
Dispose of used batteries immediately and safely. A button battery can cause serious injuries if it is swallowed or placed inside any parts of the body.
If you think batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention.