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Small Wooden Mirror Tray

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Children will love using our tickit® Small Wooden Mirror Tray to explore their treasure from different angles using the mirror's reflective properties.

A fun and interesting way to examine small objects, play with light and reflection, or create small world play scenarios using their unlimited imagination!

At a convenient size for children to use on their own (or with a partner or adult), the mirror can be used to explore their own reflection and experiment with different facial expressions that can be associated with feelings or emotions.

It also makes a useful resource for supporting speech development, where children can  watch their own reflection while saying words or sounds to help visualise and correct any mistakes.

The natural beechwood tray is sturdy and offers a simple storage solution, whilst the 2mm acrylic mirror base provides a safe and bright reflection.

Set includes: 1 wooden-framed tray with acrylic mirror base.
Size: L 36cm x W 24cm x H 3cm.
Age: Suitable for all ages.
Product Code: 73536