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We love using books in our play and there are many stories that can be easily included in the play with loose parts. The possibilities of play with loose parts are endless and through manipulating and play children develop their imaginations and creative thinking. Children will love watching you recreating a story using just loose parts or acting it our themselves.

Here are our ten books and activities you can try at home:

  1. “Tisha and the Blossom”

Spring is just around the corner, try creating flowers and blossom using your favourite colours. Look outside the window and go on a blossom hunt to recreate the flowers you’ve seen outdoors.

TickiT Wooden Treasures


  1. “Faces”

This is one of our favourite activities, create a face. It’s also great to explore emotions through creating different expressions and expressing feelings.

 TickiT Wooden TreasuresTickiT Wooden Treasures

  1. “The Colour Monster”

Find the right jars and fill them up with colours to represent different feelings. How does your monster is feeling now? How are you feeling?

 TickiT Wooden Treasures TickiT Wooden Treasures

  1. “Ten Little Superheroes”

Loose parts treasurers are great for counting. You could include any story with numbers. Here are our Superheroes!

TickiT Wooden Treasures 

  1. “The Perfect Fit”

We love this story about being different. Encourage your child to create shapes using loose parts.

 TickiT Wooden Treasures

  1. “Story Soup”

This book encourages children to create their own stories through mixing their own ingredients and building on the story. This time we have: ten poisonous mushrooms, five fire balls, seven acorns, eight golden rings and so on…

 TickiT Wooden Treasures

  1. “Little Red Riding Hood”

Simply add some of your favourite characters. This time Little Red is trying to find a path to her granny, but she met the nasty wolf on her way…

 TickiT Wooden treasures

  1. “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”

For this story we added a wooden bridge. Mr J quickly found three brown billy goats and the big troll. He acted out the whole story!

 TickiT Wooden Treasures TickiT Wooden Treasures

  1. “Story Path”

This is another great open ended book that encourages creating your own story. You can easily create a story path with loose parts adding more elements on the way.

Use the story path to retell stories, but also play games with a dice.

 TickiT Wooden Treasures

  1. “Colours”

We love sorting activities. The rainbow wooden bowls are a nice addition to use with the loose parts. You can discuss colours together and spy more objects around you in a colour of your choice.

 TickiT Wooden TreasuresTickiT Wooden Treasures

Discover the full TickiT Wooden Treasures Range here


Written by Agata Marciniak, Early Years Teacher and mother of two.  

Follow Agata and find more activities with TickiT resources over at @the_treasure_babes

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