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Toys that don’t look like toys - blurring the lines between play and design.

Toys that don’t look like toys - blurring the lines between play and design.

Here at tickit we understand and wholeheartedly agree that toys should be available to all children during waking hours at home. Children learn, process emotions and make sense of their world through play and so it is important to have toys that support this readily available. It is their home too after all. However, this doesn’t mean you should suffer toys in your home that are anything other than captivatingly beautiful…and that’s why the tickit team are here to help you!

Our passion is to create toys that are open-ended and provide learning opportunities through play. This means our design-conscious tickit toys often don’t look like toys you would see in most toy shops, thus allowing families to create relaxing environments where play and design can coexist seamlessly.

Toys that don't look like toys can serve as a valuable educational tool. By blurring the lines between toys and decor, these products encourage children to think critically and creatively, encouraging the imagination and problem-solving skills.

These are products that are built to last and stand as a testament to the beauty and power of play, thereby reducing waste, clutter and your environmental impact.

Here are some of our favourites...

Sensory Reflective Colour Burst Balls

These remarkable metal balls give a fish-eye view of the world in multi colour! They look ornamental and just as magnificent in the centre of a coffee table as they do on a playmat. Tiny finger marks can be polished away leaving the gleaming surface shining, reflective and show-home ready.

Light Panels

tickit Light Panels have a sturdy but slim and sleek design and come in a range of sizes with various light and colour functions. Our Light Panels will be played with as much by a 3-year-old as they will with a 33-year-old or 83-year-old, as the activity opportunities are endless!

They are portable and light and can be used for sensory play, colour exploration, to support STEM learning, art and design and visual and media studies, meaning that your light panel can support your child’s learning journey from pre-school to degree level!

Alongside the learning advantages our light panels provide, they can also be used to enhance your environment as they create a soothing background light source.

Gem Cubes

These exceptionally beautiful, tactile and charming coloured cubes come as a pack of 10 and 50 or as a pack of 100 in a mirror tray. They are compact and easily stored, but you will not want to put them away- trust us. Keep them tidily in their tray or stack them high in a window so that when the sun shines through them an array of colour floods your room. Their open-ended nature means they are perfect for small world and role play games and for STEM learning.

Shape Stacker

Sat neatly together, this rainbow wooden toy with its natural woodgrain finish looks like it could be a playful and stylish house furnishing, however tucked away inside the colourful panels are 12 wooden shapes. Take it apart and try and put it together in record speed, use the wooden shapes to draw around or as play dough stampers and use the wooden panels for colour matching games. This small wooden toy has big play possibilities!

Sensory Mood Lights

Our tickit Sensory Mood Light shapes and tables offer softly diffused illumination, making them delightful additions for any environment.

They are lightweight and portable, and their rechargeable design means there are no unsightly cables.

They are perfect for filling dark corners with a soft and comforting light, creating cosy sensory zones indoors or adding vibrancy to outdoor spaces. Being water resistant and durable, means they can be used for messy play or arts and crafts and can be easily cleaned afterwards. Our tickit Sensory Mood Water Table, in particular,  makes a perfect party table - simply fill it with ice and your favorite refreshments!

Natural Wooden Buttons

These curious large stacking wooden buttons are smooth and natural. They are reminiscent of stacked beach pebbles and have lovely woodgrain finish. The imaginative play opportunities are endless and they provide opportunities for children to practice and refine their fine-motor skills through play. Stacked or arranged, they look beautiful on display when not in use. The largest button measures 14cm diameter.

With thoughtful design, an open-ended nature and educational value, we want tickit toys to captivate the hearts and minds of children and adults alike.

We think that toys should not be prescriptive and we hope our products will continue to inspire creativity, curiosity, and joy in children (and grown-ups) around the world.

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