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Virtual Showroom

 TickiT EU Store Virtual Showroom

 Welcome to our new virtual showroom!

This exciting interactive space is designed for you to explore our 2023 range of educational toys in an immersive way. The products have pop-up links so it's easy to see more details and to buy.

The central display showcases inspirational ideas for setting up creative play scenes and how different types of product can be combined.

Why not take a peek into our dark den to see our Sensory Mood range and best-selling Light Panels?
It's also our photography studio 📷

How does it work?
Click or tap on the orange or green dots on for information on how to navigate the space.
Blue dots will provide brief product information and a link to the full details.

Guided Tour 👀
As you navigate in the showroom, look out for the Play symbol (▶) bottom left of your screen.

This will take you on a tour of our brand highlights.

It's easy to pause and take a closer look, and continue playing when you’re ready to move on.