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Jumbo Regular & Irregular Shapes

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Our TickiT® Jumbo Regular & Irregular Shapes are perfect for your child to learn about geometric shapes and their characteristics. Interesting and tactile, they are a fun visual way to demonstrate that regular shapes have equal sides and angles; whereas irregular shapes can have angles and sides of any value.

The inner and outer puzzle pieces match, by their colour and their attributes, e.g. the purple hexagons each have 6 sides; the irregular shape fits inside the regular shape to reinforce the understanding that both shapes are still hexagons, even though they look different. The extension learning is that the sum of the interior angles of a regular shape will always be equal to the sum of the interior angles of the corresponding irregular shape.

Also ideal for your child to explore mathematical and geometric terminology such as side, point, curve, inside, outside, flat, 2D, solid, 3D, angle and symmetry.

The translucent colourful appearance of the shapes makes them ideal for colour mixing and using on a light panel. Their size means they are easy to manipulate, making it easy for your child to identify shapes and colours, to use them for matching or pattern making games or templates for drawing and colouring in.

Made from 3mm acrylic, the shapes are safe and durable, with a 2.5mm hole at the top balance point to allow you to create a shape mobile - great for hanging by a window to reflect the colours and shape shadows.

Set includes: 12 acrylic shapes in blue, green, yellow, pink, orange and purple.
Size: Circle 13cm diameter.
Age: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
Warning: Choking hazard. Contains small parts.
Product Code: 73544

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