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SiliShapes® Linking People

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tickit® SiliShapes® Linking People are a great aid for teaching your child about family relationships. There are six different coloured family sets, each with six individual family members: Grandad and Grandma, Mum and Dad, Girl and Boy, all with tactile features. The characters can be linked by their hands, great for developing fine motor skills.

Made from a unique translucent silicone, the people are ultra soft and flexible. They work well on a light panel, where children can explore their colourful transparency, colour-mixing properties and individual features.

The squidgy people can be easily cleaned using soapy water or in a dishwasher, so are a hygienic resource for messy play activities with sand or water.

Children will enjoy creating small word play scenes as the family figures lend themselves to storytelling and using descriptive language, helping with communication and language development. They can be used to help children talk about their families and the relationships they have with different family members.

They are fun resources to use for maths activities such as counting, grouping, sorting, pattern-making and for encouraging the use of mathematical language (larger/smaller, taller/shorter, older/younger). 

Practical Pre-School Awards 2014
"After two years of having this product prior to testing, children still find it enjoyable. It encourages conversation about family, friends and people. It is surprisingly durable for plastic and easy to clean. It is versatile and the multi-usage can be spread over all seven ELGs. The bright appealing colours are great for catching the children's attention and the storage box is great too. All in all a brilliant learning toy."

Set includes: 36 silicone people and activity guide.
Size: Adult figures 10cm.
Age: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
Warning: Choking hazard. Contains small parts.
Product Code: 54513