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Town Discovery Dividers

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Welcome to our Town Discovery Dividers! Crafted with care from Birch plywood, these dividers are designed to ignite the imagination of children through immersive play experiences.

Assembling these dividers is a breeze, making them ideal for fostering creativity in small world play scenarios. Each piece is intricately detailed with laser precision, adding a tactile dimension to playtime that enhances the sensory experience for young minds.

Discover how Town Discovery Dividers can transform play areas into vibrant, interactive landscapes, sparking endless adventures and storytelling opportunities for children.

Lasered with images of a shopping supermarket, a police station, a hospital and a village house, your little ones imaginations may even take on the roles of these societal job roles allowing their imagination and scenarios to run wild.

Dive into a world where imagination knows no bounds with this versatile, durable, and enchanting divider.

Sets include: 2 piece set
Size: 595 x 595 x 170mm
Age: Suitable from 3 years.
Product code: 74067