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Translucent Colour Sorting Bowls

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These lovely colourful bowls will provide your child with endless fun as they are the perfect size for little hands to stack and carry around.

tickit® Translucent Colour Sorting Bowls make a handy portable sorting set. Sorting is an important early maths activity: children learn to sort and "classify" objects based on their differences or similarities. They can also start to use and understand the concept of counting as they place items into each bowl.

The bowls are also ideal for messy play, exploring sand and water play, investigating volume, and for colour mixing and matching.

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Set includes: 6 bowls in 6 colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). 
Size: H 4.5cm x 14.5cm diameter.
Age: Suitable from 18 months
Product Code: 73117

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